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no cash.

8 years ago today, we lost this one. He was 71.





fatal beauty…

Shot in Savannah on Friday, by Pat Bombard..

(shirt and leather  shorts designed and made by me) in this photo only, not the second photo.



What my bedside table looked like this morning….. 

Black conversion!

I had to do the dreaded, and buy a spankin new pair of converses. Due to the loss of my previous worn in, music festival damaged , camping, yard worked,  staple gray ones that I am now mourning the loss over.  I have a thing for worn in converses, especially guys in ’em. Dudes, you can not go wrong in a pair of worn out converses… just saying! Let’s see how long it takes for these suckers to get worn in, they’ve been sitting outside in the yard for 3 days now…Irene didn’t help as much as I thought she was. 


I don’t normally steal from those “street style bloggers”, but this one from Garance Dore was a must… check those shoes/boots out! I’m going to call them shoots.. more like  “I’ll SHOOT someone for those”! 🙂

fifes and goats, Oh MY!

Oh, the things I miss back home in Mississippi! This weekend  marks the annual Otha Turner Picnic at his family’s place in Senatobia, MS.  Mississippi born and raised Otha Turner was one of the only last known American fife and drum blues guys, starting at age 16 with a fife made out of rivercanes. He started a tradition back in the 50’s at his home where he would kill, butcher and cook a goat in an iron kettle, while his band played for entertainment in the backyard. Hence, his first solo album name “Everybody Hollerin’ Goat”! Otha passed away at age 94 in 2003, but the picnic tradition has been kept alive by his family and friends. I was fortunate enough to attend one way back, when the crowds were small and the hype was low. Now a days,  it’s a packed back yard with new and old blues fans and photographers abroad. Fun part is, you never know who will show up and play. Bobby Rush appeared the year I was there and played several songs. Otha’s granddaughter, Sharde, has been following in Otha’s footsteps since a tiny little thing.. playing and touring with her own drum and fife band and of course, is the highlight of the picnic!  I know they are the highlight of the North MS Hill Country Picnic every year for me!

Also, a fun lil fact……Otha once made an appearance on “Mr.Rogers’ Neighborhood” back in the 70’s, where MS guitarist extraordinaire  Luther Dickinson (North MS Allstars and Black Crowes) saw him and became first interested in music! ha! love that! Otha also has a tune in the movie Gangs Of New York.

Love this video of young Sharde playing Fife with her granddad at his place… great video.. gives you an idea of what the picnic is like too!

AND this is the video I took this year at the North MS Hill Country Picnic of all grown up Sharde and her band.. Rising Star and Fife Band!!

These are some pics I have from when Haisten and I went to the picnic about 7 years ago.. had tons more, but can’t find them. ugh. Haisten ended up on the flat-bed trailer dancing back up to Bobby Rush! priceless.

Bobby Rush.

Haisten met so many friends, we ended up having this little Burnside home with us for the weekend!