whole lotta pigs….

The Whole Hog cookbook is finally out on shelves!  Already in it’s second printing before it was even released. Don’t judge when I say cookbook, I’m not talking about an ordinary boring ass cookbook… this is a stylish, chic, witty little book of personal stories from Libbie herself, amazing photography, fashion and yes… recipes! The brainchild of my amazing friend and food stylist Libbie Summers, the book represents Libbie’s appreciation to “not wasting nothin involving cooking a pig”! I was fortunate enough to work on the book styling Libbie, which wasn’t that hard because she’s one of the stylish and coolest gals I know. We had a screaming blast shooting, on location at a real live pig farm in South Carolina and also at Paula’s house y’all! Who doesn’t like fashion and bacon!!? Go buy it.. You’ll fall in love with Libbie’s raw and humorous take on cooking all things pig! It’s a Rizzoli International publication, so you can pretty much find it anywhere you buy books and coffee at the same time.

The Whole Hog Cookbook release party on Wednesday night!! Hosted by Rethink Design Studio @ Meddin Studios. Paying some homage to all things pork!

Some behind the scenes shots….  by Bob Jones.

The Pig Farm CREW!!!!! 

working hard here…. I’m clearly very focused!!

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