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Just a few of my favorite people, favorite shots, favorite crowd shots in general…. Between Skip Terpstra and Bill Dawers they both captured some sweet shots! love these…Thanks guys!!














“3 Shades of Black” showdown!!!!

The level of energy expended with regard to the details and thought processes that went into the collection “3 Shades of Black,” was proportionally mirrored in the planning and choice of venue for my show. Presenting the collection in a way that portrayed who I am as a designer and a person was just as heavily thought out as every line, fabric, and stitch . I wanted to create a sensation at my show that presented the collection in a way that allowed the audience to really feel the Point of View that inspired the designs.  A recognizable point of clarity would be the location, music, styling, and models chosen. The American Legion Ballroom was nailed down early on due to its’ perfect authentic, gritty kind of feeling. Ancient hard wood floors,  vintage dropped disco ball, and last but not least the sweet old time stage that would be the backdrop to the runway with the band’s musical instruments set up. The potential portrayal of hardness from the collection I wanted to feminize with models that looked less harsh and styled with precise girly girl features. The music played had to represent the true meaning of what I stood for within this collection. Before the models were sent out, music was chosen from every genre I have grown to love and been exposed to over the years. A touch of Mississippi blues to old school country (maybe a little alternative rock in between) were streaming through the crowd by DJ Mr.Josh Miller.  The models were styled with hair that was texturized to look as she had just attended (and had a large time) at a show, yet started as a glamorous up-do. Each head shape featured close, tight, sleek napes; contrasted by matte, destroyed head topping buns. Makeup had that hard rocker grunge look from the smoky, dark eyes, but yet again feminized with a soft pink lip stain.  The models strutted the runway to Mississippi bluesman R. L. Burnside, that was kick started with his famous “Well, Well, Well…..” chant. To cap the night off, Savannah’s own country outlaw band “Damon and The Shitkickers” belted old school country tunes the rest of the night!!

My Fashion Shoot.

Finally, I can post pics from my photoshoot. I didn’t want to give it all away before my show…. pics of the show to posted next!! Been a busy month!!

Photographer Jeremiah Hull, Hair by Avril Hull, makeup by Mary Clark, all clothing and styling by me.   All jewelry by Gasoline Glamour  in L.A..

Shot at Meddin Studios here in Savannah, GA. Several of these, will be published in OUTLET magazine next month as well!

time is drawing near…

behind the scenes.

Two Sundays ago we shot my collection at Meddin Studio here in good ole Savannah, Ga. If your not familiar with this studio, pretty amazing. Obama visited it when he was in town, it’s that kind of amazing. My good friends Jeremiah(photographer) and Avril(hair stylist) Hull… (yes,husband/wife duo) and I have spent several months planning this shoot. Lots and lots of pre-planning go in to these editorial type fashion shoots. We were very happy to get Alexa Johns over from Elite Atlanta, who did an amazing job and fit my clothing to a T. Talented makeup artist Mary Clark who just moved to Savannah from NYC came on board to do the make-up. We all made for a good team and spent a full 10 hours at Meddin and produced some awesome work!! The stress of finishing all of  the clothing (which made for no sleep for about 3 nights straight) AND being responsible for the styling, props, accessories, the model, lunch on set, assistants, etc… made for one exhausted gal that day!!! Very excited for the final images to be edited down!! Here are some “behind the scenes” shots I took. Final images to post soon!