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Kell on (SCAD)Earth

Kelly Cutrone that is. She is only one of the most talked about fashion publicist in the business today. Founder of the public relations, branding and marketing firm People’s Revolution with offices in NY, Los Angeles, and Paris, and also the star of the BRAVO reality show Kell on Earth.  She has absolutely has NO FILTER and you probably wouldn’t ever hear polished, poised and Kelly Cutrone in the same dialog.  Her lecture yesterday was almost as entertaining and comical as that one episode I just happen to see (I swear) of The Hills when Stephanie Pratt interviewed for a job with her company.  HILARIOUSLY awesome that she calls B.S. on all those ridiculous girls!! Several times during her lecture eyebrows were lifted and eyes widened with disbelief of some of the things she said. Although, between the lines of her abrasive and ballsy attitude,  she is actually quite motivating. I guarantee there were about 100 new blogs last night that were created, per her insistence that every person in the room should have one. I also wouldn’t be surprised if I see several SCAD students driving an ice cream truck around town selling ice cream along with their designs. Hey, not such a bad idea!  She’s my new hero, even though I think I would ball up in a corner out of fear if I worked for her, but at least her requirement to wear all black wouldn’t be a problem for me! I’m definitely out the door to buy her new book “ If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You “.


meet Fern Mallis….

With my bags yet to be unpacked from New Orleans, a half day at work, carpool, a soccer game, and work on my thesis,  I still wasn’t going to miss the opening day of Scad Style to meet and hear the amazing Fern Mallis speak this afternoon.  Scad Style is a 2 week long series of special events that focus on style and design. Lectures, exhibitions, panel discussions, book signings and workshops that are geared towards students to encourage, educate and promote creative careers in the industry. Just another awesome advantage to attending SCAD! Fern Mallis is Senior Vice President of IMG Fashion, executive director of 7th on 6th productions, and the mastermind and creator of NY fashion week. She is actively involved in fashion events around the world including Mumbai, Moscow, Sydney, and Berlin. She has also made appearances as a judge on Project Runway and The Fashion Show. Her resume is a bit intimidating, as I was when I met her today!! A couple of her “David Letterman” top ten list of her expectations while networking… 1. Warm Smile 2. Firm Handshake 3. Manicured Nails 4. Dress Appropriate 5. Be YOU.  The number one question she gets asked, “What is a must that I should have in my wardrobe?” her answer…. “A floor length mirror”. And that my fashion friends is what she ended her lecture with!!

JazzFest..New Orleans

and then there was music……


The opening day of JazzFest on Friday in New Orleans was showered with 3 inches of rain, hail and enough thunder and lightening to make you wanna crawl in a hole for safety with earplugs…..needless, the Fest was a mess on Saturday!!! Although the rain miraculously and gratefully held off on Saturday, the grounds were ankle deep in mud! We were blessed to be dry, but dressed for mud and rain!!!! Some “outstanding” festival goers I spotted and stalked down for a pic.

Maggie Gyllenhaal with her tired lil princess.

Cute Couple:

Steve Zahn……from Treme, filmed in New Orleans, on HBO…. He was cool.

I love this guy. He ROCKED it.

The youngest fashionista award

Liz testing the hats out…. Church or Festival? Not sure these people knew their “target market”!

Just a glimpse of some of the mud

carnies and fashion, o my!

This shoot is by far one of my favorite editorial shoots of all time! I LOVE it!  So much love,  I used the images and the carnival inspiration for a collection I designed last year (ok, maybe a little more than year) for a project.

Just a couple of the mood boards (with a little help from my oh, so talented photoShop master friend) that I made for the CIRCUS inspired collection!!! I even went to an actual circus that was passing though town to get in “inspiration mode”. The opening image was inspired by vintage circus posters! The amazing wonders PhotoShop can do!


Cheers to my Savannah lady friends who helped make this event a success… (you know who you are)


SCAD’s Night Of The Stars—Give Or Take One Or Two

April 20, 2010  10:15 am

That volcano in Iceland has been cramping everyone’s style lately, and the Savannah College of Art and Design is no exception. Two of the recipients of last night’s 2010 SCAD Style Étoile Awards, Catherine Deneuve and Sir David Tang, had to cancel their trips. But the show went on. Luckily for Tang, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (pictured, with Michael Douglas), was in town and perfectly willing to accept on her half brother’s behalf—although even she nearly didn’t make it. “I’ve run down the street,” Fergie explained from the podium, where she was still catching her breath.

Once she did, she quoted Lord Chesterfield from Tang’s speech: “Style is the very clothing of thought”—an appropriate sentiment for a small-scale evening devoted to celebrating, in SCAD president Paula Wallace’s words, innovators “who change the way we walk, we talk, we think.”

Among them: Graydon Carter, Peter Arnell, and decorators John Rosselli and Bunny Williams. The well-connected design school is also gearing up for the ten-day series of lectures and events it will be hosting later this month on its Georgia campus, an annual meeting of fashion minds that has introduced the likes of Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, and John Galliano to home-fried Southern hospitality in the past. “It’s always inspiring. I love the questions and also to give those kids a bit of hope and some realness,” Ruffian’s Claude Morais explained. “We also get a lot of our interns from SCAD, too,” his partner, Brian Wolk, added. So does interior designer Jonathan Adler: “I have a whole cadre of them working for me,” he said.

—Darrell Hartman

Wilco plays Savannah Music Festival on March 25, 2010

WILCO,  a longtime favorite of mine,  played in Savannah a couple of weeks ago. Their last appearance here was almost 5 years ago!! Had a great time seeing John and meeting Gregg Allman too!